What do you desire? What makes your heart beat?

Hello Sunshines!

I wanted to share this beautiful video with you and hopefully it will inspire you as well! 🙂


We tend to forget our dreams, our goals because of the routine, the busy schedules between family, work, friends and daily chores and all that’s on our “to do list”. But take a second and think of what really matters. I find it’s always good to get some perspective and see the bigger picture. What will you remember from your life? Is it the new car you bought, the latest phone, the new pair of shoes or the 100th fancy party you attended? This happiness is only temporary and doesn’t last. So find what truly makes you happy and go for it!


I know it’s hard to break free from the routine and our daily lives, as we need to pay the bills and have responsibilities. But is paying the bills a good enough reason to keep working at a job you don’t like or that makes you stressed and unhappy? I’m struggling a bit myself with this, as of course it’s not all black or white. I know what I want and I’m on my way to my dream job and life. I found my passion with wellness, nutrition and coaching and I am working on transforming this into a career and the minute I took the decision to do so, – after a lot of thinking and having doubts-  it really felt like it was meant to be. I see more and more around me friends and people struggling to find what they truly want to do with their lives. Some are not happy with their current job, some dream of something bigger but aren’t sure what that is. As Steve Jobs said: “Don’t settle, keep looking”.  Ask yourself the right questions. It’s not the money that really matters (well of course it’s still important, I’m not going to lie…you don’t want to live under a bridge, right?!) but there’s so much more than money in life. And you can find happiness in so many ways, in every day life and I truly think it comes from within ourselves. And as the saying goes: “Happiness is a journey not a destination”. We tend to always wait for the perfect moment to be finally happy. When I’ll graduate, when I’ll find a job, when I’ll get married, when I’ll have kids…well you know how it goes. We all did it. But we need to enjoy the present moment and forget about when everything will be perfect, because it never is, and in a way, that’s the beauty of it.


Follow your passion; follow your heart. It has to feel right and decisions comes from within your heart and intuition. There is something inside of you that will feel good the moment you take the right decision for your happiness. When you start doing what you love, you will shine, you will create a wave of joy around you and within you that you will no longer want to settle for anything less than the bliss you get from doing what you were truly meant to do.




“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.” Steve Jobs

Happy friday!

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2 Responses to What do you desire? What makes your heart beat?

  1. Great post! I agree that too many people forget what’s truly important in life. We don’t follow our dreams and do what we are passionate about. Great share! 🙂

  2. Thank you Lady Lovely!:) Yes life is so much better when you really listen to your heart and follow your dreams! xx

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