Vision board or how to visualize your goals

“Every thought we think is creating our future” Louise Hay

On this rainy weekend, what better way then stay warm & cozy at home, sipping a ginger-lemon tea with good music and work on my vision board!

Visions boards are a great way to set goals, brainstorm ideas and visualize affirmations and intentions. It’s basically a cardboard (I used a corkboard) where you put photos, words,  quotes, mantras, affirmations, places that speaks to you, that you dream of, that you would like to see happens in your life, people that inspire you. Nothing better than a visual to make it more real. Positive image plays an important role in the realization of your goals and dreams.

A nice little project for a cold fall/winter sunday afternoon. Get cozy and comfy, put some music on, light some candles with a warm cup of tea. Enjoy this “me” time! Or why not make this a girl friends activity? Grab some magazines, newspapers and go through them, have a look on Pinterest.  Make a nice collage. You can create categories like Love, Career, Relationships, Travels, Wellness/ Health or just follow what your heart picks in the magazines. Try to be original and find what you truly wish to see happen in your life. Where do you picture yourself in the next few months and in the next year? Try to use this time to reflect on your achievements and future goals and what you truly would want to see happen. The year is soon coming to an end, and it’s a great project to start 2013 full of ideas, dreams right in front of your eyes when you wake up!

Be creative and let your heart speak!

Have you ever created a vision board? What do you put on it? Share your goals! 🙂

Happy Weekend!

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8 Responses to Vision board or how to visualize your goals

  1. HC Fields says:

    Yes, I have created a vision board. But it is time to do a new one. I think that I will make this a weekend activity with my little ones. My current vision board will focus on my current goals to write more (I am working on a memoir), travel more, inspire others, have the body I always dreamed of.

    I will compile some old magazines and make this happen. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. Thank you! Yes it’s a great idea to involve the kids! Nice project! and what an inspiring goal to write a memoir! Would love to see your vision board when it’s finished!;)

  3. rosedixon says:

    I got my board a while a go and started to collect things but never put it up as so much happened. Thanks for reminding me that it is still there for me to do. But I will have to look for new things to put on it as everything is out of date now! Changed visions

  4. Thank you for your comment Rose! Great! Yes our goals and visions change with time so it’s good to update it once in a while…and also see what has been realized ! 😉

  5. I love vision boards 🙂 It’s been such a long time since I’ve done one and you’ve inspired me to do one again. My vision board would have images of freedom, simplicity, clarity, adventure, laughter, joy. Images of a life lived fully – without holding back. That’s what I dream for right now.

    Thanks for your inspiration. Maybe I’ll pull out the candles and chamomile this weekend…

  6. Oh great to hear that! I love the vision you have of a fully happy life! Your words really resonate with what’s important to me too. Hope you’re having a nice cozy weekend! 🙂

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