Bye Bye 2012 and Hello 2013!

New Year, New Life!


Happiness – Joy – Health

The New Year is always a perfect time for a fresh start! I love that feeling!

As we’re just a few days away from the end of the year…it’s nice to look back at the year that has just passed and think about all those precious moments we had the chance to live. What were your highlights? What moments will you remember? What made this year special? Have you accomplished some things that were on your bucket list? It’s always nice to reflect on the year and see where you are now and where you want to be next year and start preparing a dream-goal list for 2013.

Some of my 2012 highlights:

  • One of my best friend gave birth to a beautiful baby girl
  • Starting my blog
  • My yoga practice
  • Being surrounded by family and friends and spend quality time with them and making memories
  • Enrolling in a health coach program at IIN
  • Having found my passion, following my dream and taking action towards it!

For 2013, I will keep a jar or box where I’ll add little notes each time something great happens, so I can open them again on the 31st december 2013 and look back at all the great things that put a smile on my face and made my heart beat faster! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I saw this somewhere on the Internet and thought it was a nice idea, as I love visuals!

So what are your goals? What do you want to see happen in the near future? Your wildest dreams? If you think it’s about time that things shift in your life than take a first step and jump! Create a vision board, brainstorm ideas and start making a plan with goals and steps to achieve it. I like writing and seeing it on papers. It makes it more real. I don’t want to talk about resolutions because studies have shown ..and no surprise to that, that we don’t keep our resolutions. It’s often due to a lack of clarity of what we exactly want and the steps to move towards that goal. Try to go deeper and see the real reason why you want something, so you may have a better chance to keep your goals on track. I love my vision board as I am reminded every day of my dreams & goals.

Here’s a quick overview of my 2013 goals:

  • Start my Health Coaching practice
  • Find which food-diet is best for my body
  • More travels & adventures
  • Improve my photography skills
  • Add creativity to my life
  • Finding inspiration in books, people & friends
  • Keep a daily/weekly yoga & meditation practice
  • Keep taking action steps to my wildest dreams

What were your 2012 highlights and what are your goals for the new year? Would love to hear about it!

That’s my 3 words I want to focus for next year:


What’s yours?

Happy end of 2012! And remember to follow your heart!

Thanks for all your lovely comments and for reading my blog. You always make my day! ๐Ÿ™‚


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11 Responses to Bye Bye 2012 and Hello 2013!

  1. I love the jar idea! I’m definitely going to try that this year. It’s always so powerful to be able to look back on the good things that have happened in life. Sounds like you have an exciting year ahead of you.

    My highlights from this year were getting a dog, getting clearer on how I spend my time, and taking more adventures ๐Ÿ™‚ Goals for next year: Making my home a beautiful place to live, spending more time with my loved ones, and making this year the most profitable ever in my business.

    (P.S: I tried a stroop waffle and it was SO yummy! My husband’s hooked now ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for the tip!)

  2. Thanks for sharing your highlights Alisa! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m also trying to be more organized with my time! And you have really nice goals! Sending you lots of positive energy for your business!

    Oh and loved that you and your husband liked stroopwaffles! It is delicious and addictive! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  7. joana says:

    The jar ideia…loved it! Delicious and wise reflection

  8. Florine says:

    Did you take that picture of Joy, health and happiness Marisa? I love it!

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