About Me

Hi Lovers of Life and Welcome to The Green Sunshine!

My homemade recipe for a life filled with Bliss: Take a bowl of gratitude, pour a cup of good vibes, add a 1/2 cup of laughter with a 1/2 cup of giving, whisk it all together with a tbsp of good vibes & passion, and sprinkle a bit of magic, wait in meditation until it blends smoothly into abundance, and finally, savor it with a lot of love.

I’m Marisa, a smoothie girl, a yogini, snowboarder, traveller and a big dreamer! My passions in health, nutrition and wellness lead me to study at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the largest nutrition school in the world where I learned about living a life in balance and connection with our body, mind and soul through nutrition, self-care and a lifestyle that enhance our wellbeing. I want to spread happy healthy vibes around me and inspire people to follow their heart and intuition, as it leads to true happiness.

Always looking for a “gezellig” moment while surrounded by friends, family, at home or anywhere around the world. Gezellig is a dutch word which could be translated by cozy, relaxed, friendly, a warm atmosphere… It’s the word that characterize the dutch culture and it is my favorite one. Gezellig is all about enjoying the present moment in a good positive vibe surrounded by people you love!

My favorite quote is from a Lenny Kravitz song and it goes right to the heart of what matters the most I think, which is to fall in love with your life! Right?!

“You can live any way you wanna
All you have to do is dance
Achieve anything you thought of
You just have to take the chance
You can fall in love with your life
‘Cause that truly is romance
What did I do with my life?”

Why The Green Sunshine?

Green represents the color of nature, earth, life and symbolise balance and well being. It means learning, growth, health and renewal. It is also leafy greens vegetables which contains super nutrients for a radiant health. So, time to add some green to your life!:)

Sunshine, I simply love it! Love the feeling of rays of sun on my skin at the end of a day and all the good energy Mr. Sun brings! So let’s all shine!

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you’ll find something you’ll like and that inspire you!

Hugs & Good vibes!


5 Responses to About Me

  1. Florine says:

    Green is also the color of hope, which you carry so deep in you and which you spread around you so well! So many thanks for being a green sunshine yourself, marisou!

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  3. elle says:

    I wish you success in finding your happiness. Love the Lenny Kravitz quote!

  4. meiajacobs says:

    Loved your words! Keep shining your green inspirations! Can’t wait for more healthy tips 🙂 good vibes!

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