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Sunshine Smoothie

Sun is shining! Spring is coming! (on my side of the world 🙂 ) What about starting your day, the healthy & delicious way with a Sunshine Smoothie! All you need: 1 banana (high in potassium, vitamin B & C, … Continue reading

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Easy Steps To Make Your Own Almond Milk!

Did you know you could make your own nut milk? That it only takes like 5 minutes to prepare?! And that it tastes simply delicious? And of course, dairy free! Almonds are rich in vitamin E (good for your skin), … Continue reading

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A sunday kind of Green Smoothie…

It’s a sunday kind of smoothie…it’s actually been a week of daily green smoothies. I am back to my daily green drink and feel great! With the holidays and end of year craziness I let my green smoothie routine a … Continue reading

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Berries and their super powers!

It is berries season and we should all enjoy them as much as we can! I have been eating them from mornings to evenings. Why? Well they are not only delicious and colorful to your eyes but packed with super … Continue reading

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Health benefits of warm lemon water

Add some lemon to your daily mornings! Are you up for a challenge? What about trading your morning cup of coffee with a cup of warm lemon water? I know this may sound less glamourous then your mug of coffee, … Continue reading

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Green Smoothies Benefits!

Time to add some green into your life! So what is exactly this green madness you might ask?! Well for the ones who think this drink should belong to Shrek…you should definitely try it! It’s greenylicious!;) Green smoothies are a … Continue reading

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Banana, Pineapple & Spinach Smoothie

My morning smoothie gave me a little energy boost! Yield: 1/2 liter 1 banana 1/2 pineapple a bowl of spinach a cup of water (you can add more water if you want it to be more juicy than creamy) you … Continue reading

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